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The film "This is England" is the story about a young boy named Shaun. The story starts off by showing the last day of term for Shaun, he is severely bullied by an older student and starts fighting when this older student makes a joke concerning Shaun's dead father.
Then on his way home Shaun meets a group of teenage boys sitting in a tunnel, they invite him to join them. This group of youngsters makes Shaun a part of something, and as Shaun has missed that for a long time he grasp the chance.
Woody, the leader, has an old friend who has been in prison, and while there the friend (Combo) has developed a very nationalistic attitude, almost racist. Shaun gets more and more caught up in this skinhead lifestyle and goes with his new friends to a EDL (English Defence League) meeting.
From the old group of friends a black male nicknamed Milky one day sells Pot to the Skinheads/Combo, and eventually Combo cracks and goes crazy on Milky almost beating Milky to death.¨
This is when Shaun sees the error of his way and goes to the seaside and trows the English flag into the ocean. Characterisation of Shaun:
Shaun is a 12 year old boy. His father died in the Falklands war in 1982 and he therefore lives alone with his mother. He is severely bullied in school by other students and jokes about his father are cruelly used to torment him. He has no real friends and he is therefore easier persuaded to join the skinheads. After joining this new group of people he visibly starts to change, he gets all his hair shaved off his head, he wears proper shirts, and he gets some new military-like purple shoes.
Shaun joins a more extreme skinhead group lead by Combo, Shaun seems to be somewhat more happy in this environment. He is content with the way things are going until Combo goes crazy one night after smoking pot, and he starts beating up one of Shaun's friends, the…...

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